How easy would it be?

You will make a boat trip, put your phone or tablet next to you and see immediately, with detailed and recent navigation maps as the background, your vessel moving on the tablet or smartphone screen.
Also, all other, with ais transponder-equipped ships, will appear on the screen.
And all wireless, no annoying cables around you!
This is now very easy with 'APP4SAIL', available in the iTunes App Store and in the Google Playstore.

For the background the program uses nautical vector-charts in the S57 standard.
A lot of those charts are free of charge. Unfortunately the charts are not yet available in all countries, but several agency's seem to work hard on it and for the regions with no charts the maps of 'OpenStreetMap' can be used .
All available charts can be found on the special App4sail server.

The charts contain all information for the sailor to navigate safely. They contain the actual buoyage and the most recent soundigs.
Frequently updates appear for the existing charts, small files with, mainly little modificatons in the buoyage.
These updates can, after they've been downloaded, handled by App4sail as well, so all modifications can made visible very easy.
The charts can be presented in different scales.
The user can add waypoints, wich can be shown in several ways.